Molly Schweim


SPECIFIC MEMORIES OF BEING BULLIED? “I’ve done some bullying myself. I was insecure in who I was and was very hungry for attention. So I found that if I picked on someone else people would laugh more. I remember one time I picked on my best friend. I said something about that she had frizzy hair and she was devasted and it didnt even dawn on that what I said was even remontely hurtful.”

“In 8th grade I had a kid come up to me and tell me that a guy who I had a huge crush on wanted to “f” me but only if I had a bag over my head , or I had guys tell me take my skirt off because at that young age I had a decent body I was curvier. I didn’t really understand the comments because I was so naive and sheltered. I remember this kid, on of the popular kids said that I was a cool kid trapped in a nerdy body. But it was a complement, but really didn’t sound like one.”

High School

HOW WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL? “Very awkward in my own skin, very awkward in my identity. I was very desperate for attention.”

WHEN YOU THINK OF HIGH SCHOOL? “Anxiety, oh god I hate school. When you are in school you think it’s going to be like that forever, last forever. I’m 35 and still processing emotions from high school. I was at a public high school till 9th grade then I went to a private school for the last three years. Honestly it was the same as normal high school more things hidden behind religion. More secretive. At least at normal high school people were more honest.”


HOW’D YOU START? ” I’ll tell you the real story. I’ve always been drawn to photos, and my dad was into photos even though he kind of hid it. He got me a camera and I just used it, snapped pictures all the time with it. People would get annoyed (insert giggle here)

Someone later on asked me if I’d shoot their wedding , So I did. It wasn’t till I was like I can’t do this anymore, I don’t have the passion for it in the wedding accepts of it. So I started thinking about what I was that I wanted to shoot. I started thinking about how I used to go out and Shoot my girl friends.”

STARTING IN BOUDOIR : ” I dove into boudoir photography and I am glad I did. It’s probably the most freeing thing I’ve ever done. , the best feeling ever. So rewarding. Being able to provide a safe place for women to take everything off physically and emotionally.

BEST BOUDOIR STORY? “I was photographing a beautiful woman who just had a baby, she was sitting on the floor and the sun just hit her perfectly. I said “you are stunning” and showed her. She started crying. It was really personal. I think when that happens it really means more.”

Role Models


DO YOU THINK THAT AFFECTED YOU GROWING UP? ” Yes, my family really isolated me. I think even growing up in the church I wish there were more female role models. There was a lot more judgement. No even talked about anything. Not sexuality , real life issues, not how it is today. Now you can find anyone who will talk about mental health. I remember one time I went up for prayer for my depression and someone leaned over to my dad and said I was doing it for attention. Just like the culture of it you are struggling in any shape or form there is something wrong with you. For females leadership or looking up to there wasn’t anyone. No one, I think that was probably one of the biggest things that made me sad while growing up. That I didn’t really have anyone to talk to or look up to.”

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