Sesamae Riquelme


At the age of 16, Sesamae saw that young women needed hope and support. She could not sit around and do nothing. She added her voice to the millions of other women and created her Website. It is a resource for young women to feel connected and for older women to know their role in the next generation. Her website was her starting point. She also give speeches and presentations on various topics. She wants to use her influence to impact change and be a champion for those who are not ready to talk.

Sesamae started her leadership path at the age of 13. At the time she used her personal experience and saw a need in her community. She took the lead and created a program for children to learn the life-skill of empathy called Santa’s Little Helpers . She feels that developing this characteristic in children at a young age will make a better society. She spearheaded this program for 4 years before handing it off to a local organization.

Sesamae is an actress who appeared in several films and commercials. She has a passion for Politics. she was the Youth Commissioner for Region Nine from 2017 to 2019. She was the youngest recipient for the YWCA Young Women of Distinction 2017. She also received the Spirit of Youth Award and the Kohl’s Cares award.

What people are saying

“Inspires, empowers and gives hope to girls, women and this world in which we all (guys too!) live. We are in awe of this dynamo and what she brings by the sharing of her past experiences, and visions for the future.”

Eileen Madsen Editor of RiverValley Women Magazine

“I got the chance to see her speak at the YWCA Women’s Leadership Conference this past fall and it was amazing. The poise, openness and maturity in this teen are inspiring! Her willingness to share her story of bullying and mental illness is like nothing I have seen in a young women that age.”

Jordan Greer-Friesz Editor/ Artistic Director for Kid-Oh Magazine

“Through her Activism and public speaking, Sesamae is raising awareness of unique challenges facing women and inviting women of all ages to support each other and combat justice.”

Erin Kragh YWCA Women’s Leadership Program Manager



“I want all young women to know that they can literally do anything they want. I want young women to know that they do not have to worry about making people comfortable with their silence and that they can raise their voice. You are put here in life to change the world and to also to live. Do not hold yourself back. ”


“Super easy my mother. I would not be here without her. She’s my rock. Every idea I have my mom makes it better. For every new thing I want to try my mom pushes me to try it. My mom inspires me everyday.”