Hawwaa ibrahim



 Hawwaa Ibrahim is an 18-year-old fashion designer who is currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for fashion design. When she was just 12 years old, she began sewing by watching numerous tutorials on YouTube. Hawwaa always thought that the idea of making your own clothes was amazing and it soon became something she wanted to do for a living. Growing up in a small town in Minnesota sparked her creativity. She never saw people wearing or selling clothing she would ever feel comfortable in so she decided it was about time she makes her own. At first, Hawwaa used old Hijabs her mother owned to created poorly sewn circle skirts, but eventually, she moved on to better things. Hawwaa started writing blogs at the age of 14 in order to showcase her work to the world. She would create DIY accessories and crocheting tutorials to share with others on the internet. After years of practicing and blogging her designs on her website, Hawwaa signed up for Project Runway Junior Season Two and from there, she took off. She has shown at five different runway shows including two during New York Fashion Week and has been featured in numerous magazines for her unique look and her openness to a more free kind of thinking. She began to use her art and designs to inspire girls, and even boys, that no matter who you are, what you believe in, or where you come from, you can be anything you set your mind to. It isn’t often that people see someone like them doing something they love. Hawwaa’s goals are to show the world that being different is okay through her wild and out of the box designs and through blogging where she can share her thoughts and communicate with others. The world is fastly becoming more and more of a place where people need to be inspired and realize that they are not alone. Hawwaa advocates for equality for all no matter your religion, gender, or sexual orientation. For her future goals, Hawwaa hopes to create a brand that is all inclusive to women, men, and those who consider themselves non-binary. She wants to make sure everyone feels included. No one should have to face the world on their own.


Favorite quote/Personal slogan: Stay Weird

Education: Fashion Institute of Technology

Personal blog/video : www.hellohawwaa.com

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Brief statement aligned with She of Strength mission. : No matter where you come from, your gender, or your beliefs, you have the ability to change the world and spread positivity if you try hard enough.

Achievements/Awards/Accomplishments/etc.: Girls’ Life Magazine’s 2016 Girl Goals, Project Runway Junior Season Two Second Runner-up, Marie Claire’s “What I Love About Me” Beauty Feature, Minnesota Monthly’s Ripple Effect First Person Feature, “Arts, Not Parts” Partner, Speaker at YWCA’s Women’s Leadership conference (Dreamweaver), Kid-oh’s “Dare to Follow Your Dreams” feature, Leader and founder of “The Daydreamers Club”.