Jacelyn Hanson


Jacelyn Hanson Mankato MN Currently a sophomore and part of the swim team at MSU Mankato Major: Political Science Minor: Photography

I believe young women are the foundation of a new outlook on life. WE are the people who have the power to change perspectives and social norms and I think it is important that women who are leaders are using their voice to do so and to teach younger generations how to do so as well. Women are often seen as less than, and I believe that to be untrue. Women have the power to start the conversation and to change the world in many ways.

Jacelyn and one of her older sisters  Holl

I love to take pictures and share the beauty of the world and people with others. Swimming is another major part of my life and has been for the past 7 years. Both of these activities help me feel confident and powerful in myself and help me to encourage others to feel the same. I hope to use my love for photography and swimming to be an example and leader to encourage young women to find their passion and use it to change the world.


Other things I am an advocate for: Recycling, Saving the bees, Equality for all people, Protecting the environment

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