Knowledge Is Power

Does music have the ability to make you feel more powerful? Read more about. Here is the summary about an experiment that was done to see if it made a difference:  "Summary: It's the day of the big game -- before heading out to the field, you put on your headphones and blast some music to pump you up. The music seemingly empowers you to do great things. This effect is not all in your head: according to new research, music truly does make us feel powerful. But not all songs have the same effect, and the levels of bass are a key factor in their ."

We here at She of Strength have complied our own playlist for you to listen to on those days you need help feeling more powerful or just for those days  you want to listen to good music! 

The History of Witches

Did you know that women healers held too much power making men uncomfortable therefore they started to discredit them as possessed fire dancers who work with the devil. Discrediting powerful women has been happening for centuries. Make sure to claim your power and read about witches. 

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A good book to check out is:  Witches, Midwives and Nurses: A History of Women Healers.

by  Barbara Ehrenreich, and Deirdre English   



Caves were the great natural womb symbols and Mother Earth images worshiped by primitive people. According to Porphyry, before there was temples all religious rites were conducted in caves. Caves were the symbol of the natural womb of Mother Nature

( from book The Woman's Dictionary of Symbols and Scared Objects, By Barabara G. Walker)