Who is Andrea Mariel ?

Andrea Mariel is a "Mexicana y visionaria".  She is a 19 year old from Mexico. She plays softball and is the President of Girl Up Tec de Monterrey. Andera is one of the select women to go to the Leadership Summit 2018 for GirlUp this past July. 


Brief statement aligned with She of Strength mission

I support feminism. Not because I want to be treated like a man, but because I want to be treated like a woman. We deserve the opportunity to be called woman without feeling less than we aspire to. I have the right to be happy, and happiness will only come when equity does.


Favorite quote:

"If you see a person drowning, you must jump into the water to save him, whether you can swim or not".

-Irena Sendler

Achievements :Executive Officer of the Northeast Mexican Coalition

Leadership Diploma Class of 2018 - Preparatoria Alfa Fundación

General Secretary of ALFAMUN 2018.

Instagram: @marielgirlupmx / @itsmarielp Twitter: @itsmariel